Sunday, November 29, 2015

Urban renewal at Scarboro Square

With posting photos of E. L. Moore buildings finished, I'm trying to get the layout spiffed up for Christmas. Over in the white box is Scarboro Square. It's one of the few parts that hasn't been updated - it's more or less the same as shown in this 3 year old photo. I decided to rip it out, add some buildings that have been languishing on my shelves and install some lights.
Everything was pulled out except the station.
Some new plastic pavement was aded.
And after much fiddling, some places for new buildings were established. While working on this, and the diorama for the HOJPOJ,  a feeling came over me that this will be the last run for the Lost Ocean Line. I'm thinking that next year I'd like to build a completely new layout. I've learned so much over the last few years, and have a lot of pent-up ideas I'd like to try, so I think these might be the LOL's last days.

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