Sunday, November 15, 2015

E. L. Moore's Novelty Creators Inc.

[E. L. Moore's Novelty Creators Inc.; J. R. Fisher collection]

E. L. Moore's Novelty Creators Inc. appeared in the article Novelty Factory that was published in the July 1970 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.
I've often wondered what that tower was for? Given that it was a 'novelty' factory, maybe it was for testing Slinkys. Well, E. L. Moore notes that Uncle Wilbur, who owned and ran the place, had his office at the top of the tower, and being a gentleman of ample proportions, had an elevator to take him up there :-)
Uncle Wilbur was an inventive sort and at one time invented 'instant paper money', that earned him a ten-year vacation in one of Uncle Sam's facilities up-the-river.
In today's world Uncle Wilbur would be some sort of hacker. In prison he was put to work in the records department where he devised a way - through creative record system 'adjustments' - that sprung him from the joint.

According to Mr. Moore, his Uncle was reformed by the experience,

Since then caution has been his watchword. "You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks" he told me, "but if he's smart he won't stick his nose in flypaper but once."

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