Sunday, November 22, 2015

E. L. Moore's C. Reid for Feed and Seed

[E. L. Moore's C. Reid for Feed and Seed; J. Collier collection]

E. L. Moore's C. Reid for Feed and Seed appeared in the December 1966 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.
One of the stereotypes surrounding E. L. Moore's work - and hopefully this series as laid it to rest - was that his builds were meant for beginners. Turns out this one was indeed suggested as being suitable for beginners.
Even without reading the article one can see that its structure is basically decorated boxes stacked one atop the other. But, even with this simple arrangement, everything is well assembled and it would make for a good line-side business for a model railroad.
I suspect that discolouration above the loading dock doors is where the overhang was attached. Those doors service a rail siding.
The article shows a small office built where that green interior wall panel on the left is located, but with that large interior, there's lots of scope for detailing and lighting.

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