Saturday, November 14, 2015

E. L. Moore's RMC Paper Company

[E. L. Moore's RMC Paper Company; J. R. Fisher collection]

E. L. Moore's RMC Paper Company model appeared in the April 1974 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman - the RMC of this project :-)
This is another of E. L. Moore's projects that I tried to build back in the '70s when I got that issue of the magazine into my train-crazed hands. I had no money for brick paper so I used a technique described in the Nov. '73 issue of Model Railway Constructor for making brick and block surfaces with crayons.
It turns out Mr. Moore's project kicked-off what I've called 'The Great Selective Compression Controversy of '74' :-) 
Whether you agree or disagree that's too small for a realistic paper factory - and I must reluctantly admit it is on the small side for such an industry - the building itself is quite good and could easily be put to other uses.

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