Tuesday, November 17, 2015

E. L. Moore's Wilt the Whip-Maker

[E. L. Moore's Wilt the Whip-Maker; J. R. Fisher collection]

Usually I open these posts by saying that such-and-such a project appeared in issue X of magazine Y. Not so in this case. I can't seem to find a corresponding construction article, but it is signed on the bottom by E. L. Moore.
I don't think the walls were built of balsa but of board-and-batten siding, likely from Northeastern as Mr. Moore often notes the use of that brand in other projects.
If it was submitted as an article, maybe it was thought to be too straightforward to warrant publication. However, with a name like 'Walt the Whip-Maker', I'd expect there was a curious tall-tale along with the more mundane construction details :-)
Regardless of the salacious overtones of the name, it's a decent enough build, and no doubt could be found a place in several respectable towns.

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