Saturday, January 6, 2018

New track in the Valley

I've been staring and staring at the potato-shaped loop in the inner valley over on the right side of the layout. Trains ran ok, but it looked wrong. I decided to remove it and replace it with a smoother loop. I did and it's done! Looks better and there won't be as much strain on the trucks and couplers as trains roll through.

A mountain lake

I was happy to finally find the lost lake photos I took in Utah. Geologically speaking, I don't know if this body of water is actually referred to as a lake. Maybe a pond? Maybe something else? The photo's composition isn't so great, but it gives an idea of what it looked like. And it's Kodachrome too!
Now, this is a lake in a western mountain - Mount Timpanogos in Utah's Wasach range I believe - and I think E. L. Moore's Elizabeth Valley lake is similar to lakes he saw in The Great Smoky Mountains in the east.

For comparison, during the search I found I had this little video I shot of a July day on a lake in Ontario. Clearly bigger than Mr. Moore's EVRR lake, but maybe visually in the same spirit. It's -25C today, so those lake memories are particularly good right now :-)

"Toronto Railway Lands, July 1988"

In the last post there was a little discussion in the comments section about modelling water. Since E. L. Moore was modelling a small mountain lake, I thought I'd try and find some slides I shot of mountain lakes I saw while hiking through Utah a long time ago. I haven't found those slides yet, but I stumbled across a sheet of Kodachromes where I penciled "Toronto Railway Lands, July 1988" in the title block.

For some reason, I can't recall why, my cousin Ken and I went down to those "Railway Lands" for some sort of trade show. After we were done he told me he knew some secret way to sneak down to the tracks. It was no doubt trespassing, but we were pretty stupid then. I had my trusty Minolta with me and I couldn't resist. I don't recall much of anything about the background or circumstances of these photos, but here they are in lovely Kodachrome.
Looks liked we poked around the old John Street Roundhouse.
I believe this is that roundhouse. Strong backlighting that I can't seem to correct has obscured a lot of foreground detail in this shot.
Some sort of equipment we saw while wandering around.
That looks like the SkyDome - called the Rogers Centre today - under construction in the background.
That looks like one of the TTC's Peter Witt streetcars. I have no idea where I took that, but it was in the sheet.
This one looks more July-like.
And it wouldn't be Toronto without a shot of the CN Tower. Well, the search goes on for those Utah slides.