Saturday, March 4, 2017

Foundation and Floor

Before any building got started I went back and inked in the plan.
The sub-floor and foundation walls are cut from 0.060" styrene.The floor plan is laid out on the styrene such that the outside walls will wrap around it, not stand on it. The plan looks a little odd because the garage floor and the side door are at finished grade level and the main floor is about 2 1/2' above. I'll need to add in floors for the garage and side entrance.
The kitchen and bathroom floor - in the upper right - was cut from 0.020" styrene, scribed with a tile pattern and painted, and then glued in place. The hardwood floor is made from leftover basswood strips I had in my scrapbox. They are around a scale 6" to 8" wide, so they aren't representative of the width of the actual floor boards, but when stained up - using cedar stain I had leftover from staining the back fence last summer ! - they don't look too bad. The strips are also 0.020" thick, so they join quite nicely with the tile floor. All the strips are glued down with a gel superglue.
Building the floor was very pleasant and I'm looking forward to the next step: adding the internal partitions.

From the wayback machine
Before the house, the subdivision was a farmer's field.
Nothing sophisticated about the footing forms, just boards nailed together and staked in the right place.
But they did the job. Here they are filled with concrete.
The foundation walls were standard concrete blocks. 
Even with that black goop spread on for waterproofing, there were still leaks.

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