Saturday, June 1, 2013

Edward St. track plan starts to gel

My previous doodles with blue track templates and MacDraw pictures weren’t getting me where I wanted to go. They were too squiggly; more-or-less for the sake of putting a twisty closed-loop of track in a small space. Fair enough, but those plans weren’t omnivagant just because of the weird track paths. Basically, the track plan was dominant, and the buildings were still just sprinkled about as decoration. I think with this new variation where the buildings form a core so that the track takes people from a place at one end (the Experimental Farm), through the heart of a city section past houses and stores and businesses (down Idlewild and across on Edward St), to a place at the other end (Bluffer’s Park), and then back to the Farm on the other side. It’s starting to become omnivagant even though the overall plan is less squiggly: it’s starting to be more deeply integrated into the fabric of activities while still going everywhere. I’m not sure if it’ll remain without switches; more development is still needed.