Wednesday, November 11, 2015

E. L. Moore's Branch Line Station

[E. L. Moore's Branch Line Station; J. Collier collection]

E. L. Moore's Branch Line Station appeared in the April 1964 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.
The Branch Line Station, sometimes referred to as the Rocky Ridge Station, is another one of Mr. Moore's green projects. Green being his favourite colour, many of his projects were painted green.
I was surprised to see that the shade of green used on Mr. Moore's original is fairly close to the colour I used on the N-scale version I built back in the spring. But, at the time I wasn't sure I'd like his choice of yellow for trim, so I used a brick red. The yellow looks quite alright.
The paint I used was Tamiya's acrylic Deep Green, XF-26.
The roof is built using his standard technique of balsa roof panels held together with solid, balsa gussets.
The interior detail described in the article is missing, but it's still neat and clean in there.


  1. Apparently, this back issue of RMC must be very popular. I can't find it anywhere, including Ebay. :(

    Chris Cardinal

    1. For a ride-on outdoor railway, I suspect the article wouldn't be of much use anyway except for some overall dimensions. The model in the article is in HO, and I assume an outdoor version as a scenic accessory for a ride-on RR would be around 1/12 scale, or maybe even 1/6 scale. Even a more standard garden RR would be around 1/24 scale. Obviously the balsa based construction techniques of the original would be unsuitable :-) I'd maybe consider using a suitably scaled figurine to help estimate some dimensions, and then draw a full-size plan based on those. Sounds like an interesting project!

    2. No, I actually want to build it full-size! LOL

      Really. I love the lines and proportions, and it would be a great place to house my workshop.


    3. Nice! That sounds like it'll be a great project. The bay window out front will be a very nice touch. And I assume your trains will stop at the platform?

    4. Absolutely. I also plan to put my workshop inside. :)

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