Thursday, November 19, 2015

Playing God at The Walrus

When I was knee deep in E. L. Moore model posts last weekend I took a little break and stumbled across this article at The Walrus about one man's obsession with building a miniature Christmas village. All I can say is I've not yet sold Debra's clothes to fuel my model railroad obsession :-)


  1. A strange and yet fascinating story...I had heard about people making large Christmas Villages, but not on this scale. Really nice writing, thanks for bringing the story to my attention.

    1. Back when I was a boy my grandmother had a small one every year on top of a china cabinet in her dining room. I was fascinated by it and looked forward to seeing it every Christmas. Looking back, it likely had some influence on me getting into model railroading. We have some Christmas village stuff that we pull out each year, but nothing to the extent this fellow has. I think I hear Debra saying, hallelujah to that :-)