Sunday, November 15, 2015

E. L. Moore's Bandstand

[E. L. Moore's Bandstand; J. R. Fisher collection]

This Bandstand model by E. L. Moore appeared in Crosby's Bandstand that was published in the November 1972 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. This photo is one of my favourites. In most cases I don't like to see damage on the models, but on this one the broken handrail and slightly askew vertical lines, combined with the lone saxophonist gives it a melancholy feeling.
In the article, two bandstand models are shown: an initial attempt that featured a roof carved from a single piece of wood, and this one, a later version (it's not clear exactly how many of these he built) with a roof built up from individual panels and finer railings. One thing is common, the vertical posts. E. L. Moore built a small lathe to turn them!
Combining information discussed at the meet-up, notes in the article, and email exchanges with Paul Zimmerman, Bart Crosby and Fred Kelley, longtime friends of E. L. Moore, received these models. I believe this one was Fred Kelley's.
My favourite saxophone piece - well, piece with a saxophone - is the Miles Davis Quintet's If I were a Bell from their 1956 album Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet. John Coltrane is on tenor sax.

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