Saturday, November 21, 2015

E. L. Moore's York County Court House

[E. L. Moore's York County Court House; J. R. Fisher collection]

Like Wilt the Whip-Maker, E. L. Moore's York County Court House did not have a corresponding construction article; however, a picture of it did appear in E. L. Moore's legacy that was published in the February 1980 issue of Model Railroader.
Although Wilt's and this courthouse are separated in time by 4 years, they both are based on a traditional barn-like shape, although the barn roof is more pronounced on Wilt's.
I asked my trusted companion, Mr. Google, if there was a courthouse like this one in some far flung corner of the internet, but after many searches, I couldn't find any that exactly matched. There were many that had similar features, but American courthouses, especially older ones like this model, share many similar stylistic elements.
As well, Google searches only turned up about 5 or 6 counties named York in the US. I'll have to see if any have an online photo archive.
There are a lot of windows on this model and a lot of shutters to build. I've noticed that where shutters with slats were concerned, Mr. Moore preferred to cut the shutters from what looks like coloured construction paper and then draw on the slats, and any other details, with a fine, black ink pen. 
Once again, the roof shingles are scribed into balsa. Given the size of this roof, that must have been a big job.

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