Sunday, November 22, 2015

E. L. Moore's Mountain Water Wheel Mill

[E. L. Moore's Mountain Water Wheel Mill; J. Collier collection]

E. L. Moore's Mountain water wheel mill was published in the Spring 1961 issue of Model Trains. This is the only model I saw at this meet-up that originated from a Model Trains article. Now, that magazine was ostensibly targeted at beginners, but this project is not beginner level as was C. Reid for Feed and Seed.
In the article Mr. Moore notes that it's based on an actual prototype.

Many years ago, while traipsing around through the Great Smoky Mountains in western North Carolina, I came upon an ancient mill. I was captivated by it and took some photos. The white-bearded miller obligingly opened the sluice gate, which was operated from within the structure by a lift bar, and let the water from the flume pour out upon the overshot wheel, setting it in motion. When the gate was dropped, the water backed up and was diverted through the overflow spillway where it splashed to the ground, found its way back to the brook and continued on down the mountain.
The article contains one of those photos E. L. Moore's took of the prototype and the caption notes it was shot in 1930. The model and photo match  quite well.
This model is another in Mr. Moore's backwoods style. The owner mentioned that this was probably his favourite, and I have to agree that it's a gem of a model.
And, as the article notes, Balsa is the basic material.

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