Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Index to the E. L. Moore models posts

I thought that even though the E. L. Moore model posts have been tagged, an index would also be helpful. This is it, and it'll be updated as additional posts in the series are made.

To recap a bit, back in September Debra and I drove down to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet two gentleman who have collections of models that E. L. Moore made. The story about the meet-up is here. They generously offered to allow me to photograph their collections, and it's those photos I'm posting in this series.

Without further ado, here's the list,

Fertilizer Plant

Elizabethton Depot

1900 era shortline terminal yard

Brick Enginehouse

Home for Small Locos and Yard Blacksmith Shop

Central Warehouse

Bunn's Feed and Seed Plant

Jones' Chemical Co.

Schoolhouse and Church

Dilly Manufacturing Co.

Water Tower at Elizabethton

Green House

Stucco House

Elizabeth Valley Cabin

Green Cabin

Molasses Mine and Factory


Spratt and Kean Meat Packers

Apple Cider Mill

McGee Lumber Co.

Background Building

Small MFG. Plant

Major Hoople's Brick Warehouse

Sail Loft

Two Boats

North Conway Station

Carolina Foundry

Branch Line Station

Norfolk and Southern Yard Office


The RMC Paper Company

Stuckum Glue Works

Village Store

Button Works

Novelty Creators Inc.


Tuscaloosa Depot


Wilt the Whip-Maker


Three Store Fronts and a Shop

Junk Yard Dynasty

York County Court House

Uncle Sim's Snuffery

Kelley's Folly

C. Reid for Feed and Seed

Mountain water wheel mill

Lumber shed

Spumoni Country Estate Barn

Cotton Waste Plant

E. L. Moore's Cotton Waste Plant - Take 2

Brick building extension

Village Grist Mill

Duck blind

Cract and Dentit Manufacturing Co.


Last spring when one of the collections was first brought to my attention, a number of building photos was sent to me. Posts about those models can be found here,

Ma's Place

Two cabins

The schoolhouse

Half of the HOJPOJ Mfg. Co.

[list last updated on 26 January 2019]


  1. Nice to see so much of E.L.s work featured here, and in colour too. Glad so much survived! I loved his articles and have made several for my own layout - Bunn's mill and the meat plant among others. They were classics of their kind. Must tag your site as a 'favourite'. And nice to see John Ahern mentioned too. (I'm English by the way.)

    1. Thanks John! Bunn's is one of my favourites too. I first learned about ELM when I stumbled across MR and that article in the summer of '73. I was quite happy to see it at the meet-up and was glad that it was still in good condition.

  2. Is it that long since I last looked at this site? Thanks for so much new material - such a pity I have so much trouble finding back issues of RMC and RM - but where would I put either the mags or the models? Speak to you again soon!

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply. It's a long weekend here and I've been off line doing other things.

      Thanks for coming back and taking a look!