Saturday, October 24, 2015

E. L. Moore's McGee Lumber Co.

[E. L. Moore's McGee Lumber Co.; J. Collier collection]

E. L. Moore's McGee Lumber Co. was the third in the series of businesses located on his 1900 era shortline terminal yard. It's constructed in what I call his backwoods style rather like the Apple Cider Mill
I think that is painted on mould, but maybe it's real thing - unlikely though since the models were carefully stored away in a dry place. You can also see that the roof panels on the main building are a little crooked. For some reason I didn't try and take the roof off this one even though it looks removable. If I see it again I'll definitely look insode.
That addition on the back shields the lumber racks from the weather.
From the other end you can see the stacks of lumber.
And you can see that McGee's is a cluster of buildings. The proportions of this structure are quite attractive.

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