Saturday, October 17, 2015

E. L. Moore's Green Cabin

[E. L. Moore's Green Cabin; J. R. Fisher collection]

This cabin is similar to the Elizabeth Valley Cabin. Unlike its cousin, it doesn't have a front porch, but if you look closely under the front door you'll see a scar, over-painted with a darker green, hinting that a porch might have been attached at one time.
Mr. Moore is back to green on this project. It's a little lighter than either the Elizabethton Depot or the Green House, but not as weathered as Dilly Manufacturing. E. L. Moore was a colourist, but he had a preference for green in all its shades.
Like the Elizabeth Valley Cabin, this project doesn't appear to have been published. I guess that was because these are basic builds. Don't let that fool you. They're well done.
The roof slides off and reveals a finished, partitioned interior, but no detail.


  1. I read he often built more than one of the same model, one for himself, another for a friend or two. This appears to be another of his "multiples".

    1. Agreed. There might be more of these cabins still out there.