Thursday, October 15, 2015

E. L. Moore's Stucco House

[E. L. Moore's Stucco House; J. R. Fisher collection]

This is another of E. L. Moore's unpublished houses - yesterday I posted about the Green House. I'm not sure what the wall material is supposed to be, but it reminds me of the stucco finish that was on our house when we bought it, so I've named it the Stucco House.
I wasn't sure if the side with the roofed porch was supposed to be the front entrance, or if it the front is the view shown in the opening photo. That entrance could use a roof too since water would roll down the roof V and soak people - but, maybe the prototype didn't have one either. 
There's a 'metal' roof on this house that was made using Mr. Moore's technique of scoring paper with a dried-out ballpoint pen.
There's a third entrance on this house just as there is on the Green House. It seems to have a lot of doors for such a small building, but they were likely on the prototypes too.
No door on this wall. On this side you can clearly see that he cut the shutters from paper or card and drew on the details with a pen.
The roof is very cleanly assembled.
I believe that FK on the bottom refers to Fred Kelley as E. L. Moore gave him a large number of buildings over the years. This one was built in the same year as the Green House.

26 February 2016 update: This is one of E. L. Moore's Combination Houses.

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