Wednesday, October 21, 2015

E. L. Moore's Spratt & Kean Meat Packers

[E. L. Moore's Spratt and Kean - Meat Packers; J. Collier collection]

I thought I'd look for industries that construction-wise had some similarity to the HOJPOJ Mfg. Co., the Spratt and Kean Meat Packers, which appeared in the August 1966 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman, seemed to fill the bill - at least regarding the main HOJPOJ building.
A car load of cattle arrives under those arches and are lead up the ramps to their doom. Although, the construction of those ramps and fencing is quite fine and precise.
You can see a better view of the up-ramp in this view.
And this angle shows the detail of the ramp and fence structure.
In the article Mr. Moore describes a paint technique he applied for weathering the brick paper. It does cut the glare, but the overall effect seems rather subtle.
The roof is in good shape, but is missing the water tank and cooling unit.
The main building's roof comes off. It's interesting that there isn't a floor, and the structure is hollow - rather unusual for an E. L. Moore model.

[Updated on 24 October 2015 with the photo showing the ramp structure detail.]

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