Thursday, October 1, 2015

E. L. Moore's Schoolhouse and Church

 [E. L. Moore's Schoolhouse; J. Collier collection]

I posted some pictures of E. L. Moore’s Schoolhouse back in the spring when it was first brought to my attention. It was even more of a surprise since it’s one of the ‘lost’ E. L. Moore projects. That project came back to mind after posting the Jones Chemical Co. photos. The brick engine house and the Planter’s building look stately when photographed by themselves and not embedded in a scene, but Bunn’s Feed and Seed and Jones strike me as having an abandoned look. Their construction is fine, but the lack of Moorian surroundings diminishes them a bit. Well, it could simply be that since my initial encounter with those two was via Mr. Moore’s staged photos in Model Railroader, my own nostalgia is getting in the way. It’s possible.
The only building in the 50 or 60 or so E. L. Moore originals I saw that still had any Moorian scene, or remnants of a scene, attached to it was the Schoolhouse
Those carefully placed figures bring the charming interior to life and lift it out of being merely a showroom – although, the miniature furnishings in there are quite fine in their own right.
Like all the other buildings that have removable roofs, this one fits snuggly and isn't warped. One different thing about this one is the roof trusses are notched to fit over the main beam that keeps the end walls straight.
[E. L. Moore's Church; J. R. Fisher collection]
The Church is a variation on the Schoolhouse, and just as nicely built.
The windows have triangular tops and are more indicative of those that would be part of a rural church. Also, the building isn't as long as the Schoolhouse.
Seems a bit tilted. I don't think that is camera distortion.
Although, in this view it looks ok.
Unlike the Schoolhouse, there is no interior even though the roof comes off. Combined with the little hole in the lower left corner, maybe Mr. Moore had planned to add an interior, but never got around to it.

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