Wednesday, September 30, 2015

E. L. Moore's Jones Chemical Co.

[E. L. Moore's Jones Chemical Co.; J. R. Fisher collection]

E. L. Moore's Jones Chemical Co., which appeared in the March '74 issue of Model Railroader, is the next on my list of personally significant E. L. Moore projects, just second to Bunn's Feed and Seed Plant. It was the next E. L. Moore project to appear in Model Railroader after Bunn's back in August '73.
The model is in good condition and the only major missing piece appears to be the rooftop shack beside the tank structure. You can see on the lefthand side of the roof where the shack was glued on.
This project made maximum use of his method of embossing paper to make metal siding and roofing. It's quite convincing.
When I look at this loading dock view and compare it to the same view in the article I'm reminded how much Mr. Moore's placement of figures, vehicles and other props enhanced the building and the scene - his building is good, but it's missing his signature narrative touch. 
Those chemical tanks are made from 35mm film canisters wrapped with paper and they're still looking good.
Jones is also a project I built awhile back. I found it too difficult back in the '70s, but I looked forward to trying again when I got back into the hobby. I mainly used styrene in my build, but if you can forgive me :-) here are the build posts,

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