Friday, October 16, 2015

E. L. Moore's Elizabeth Valley Cabin

[E. L. Moore's Elizabeth Valley Cabin; J. R. Fisher collection]

At the bottom of the Elizabeth Valley on E. L. Moore's Elizabeth Valley Railroad was a small lake and lakeside cabin. I believe this is the cabin that appeared in the most famous pictures of his layout.
Some older pictures of his layout had a rustic log cabin where this one stood.
This is quite a charming building for such a small structure. Again, it shows Mr. Moore's use of colour with its salmon walls and natural green roof. 
That addition on the back might be an outhouse in the E. L. Moore tradition.
The roof comes off and is built in his usual style: solid triangular gussets holding the sloped roof panels together. No warps. Still solid and aligned after all these decades.
The inside is ready for detailing, but it appears that none was ever added.

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