Friday, January 7, 2011

The 70’s Files: Perkin’s Produce

Back in the 70’s I tried my hand at casting rock formations from latex moulds made from rocks I collected in the country. At the time I came across a construction article in Model Railroader– the specific one I can’t locate – about this fruit depot whose first floor is partially set in the ground. Since I wanted to show off the rock castings I was making this seemed like a good structure to build and incorporate in the layout.

The resulting model doesn’t do justice to the article. Mine is made almost completely from card-stock – using techniques that were applied to the Mineral City Depot – and the one in the article is built from a variety of commercial and handmade components like wood, card, metal, and probably other things.

I remember I thought this was a tedious build. All the siding is individually cut from computer punch-cards and glued one-by-one to the card sub-structure. The shingles are paper cut using pinking shears – my mother was none too pleased by that – and also individually glued to the roof sub-structure.

The walls are a little warped, but it seems more-or-less the way it was when I built it – hand-lettered signage and all. And it still has a little bit of the plaster rock castings sticking to it!

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