Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Buildings Must Roll (with apologies to Robert Heinlein)

I saw an interesting post in Slashdot today about the Swedish design firm Jagnefalt Milton that won a prize for an innovative concept for reinvigorating a region of Norway: buildings on rails that can be moved to-and-from locations as needs and seasons change. The picture above, sourced from the ‘design addict’ link, neatly summarizes some of the work’s key points.

What made this doubly interesting was that at breakfast this morning I was thumbing through the ads in the December 2010 issue of Model Rail and came across one by Atlas Trainman for the April release of their HO-scale Trash Flat Car – the picture below is from the Trainman site – and I thought that it offered lots of possibilities for customization. A Rolling Buildings + Trash Flat Car kitbash might have the potential for opening up new areas for fun and exploration in model railroading.

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