Sunday, January 9, 2011

30 Squares Line diesel fleet

Well, a 'fleet' of two diesels is something of an exaggeration, but the layout isn't very big, so two small switchers is plenty. The one on the left is Bachmann's GE 70 ton switcher, and the one on the right is Bachmann's GE 45 ton switcher. I bought both of them last year, and they run fine on the 30 Squares Line's DC setup. I have a few diesel relics from layouts built in the 70's, but after all these years they don't run reliably even after cleaning and a tune-up. I guess I shouldn't expect them to after around 40 some-odd years. Ok, I should be a little more specific, two of the oldies are also Bachmann diesels, and they do run in a reluctant sort of way, with lots of grinding and groaning noises - so I hope for a long life from these two little switchers.

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