Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hastings’ “Feed & Seed” circa the 1970’s

I’ve got a thing for feed and seed type buildings. Don’t know why. I just like the way these buildings look. While working on the Barrel & Marble Works I thought I’d look up some photos I took of a feed and seed building back in the 70’s. It was located in Hastings, Ontario, nearby the Trent river, just off of highway 45. I had the photos in one of those old ‘magnetic’ photo albums that seals the pictures between a sticky cardboard sheet and a piece of thin, clear plastic. Unfortunately the photos can’t be removed from their flat tombs without damaging them, so they were scanned as is.

I’ve visited Hastings a few times every summer for the last few years, but there was a long period between taking these photos and my first return visit. By then this building was long gone and a new tourist oriented building was there. I don’t lament the loss because the new building has helped revitalize the area. Hastings is a nice town and I’d recommend dropping by.

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