Monday, January 3, 2011

Barrel & Marble Works: Barrel Works Sub-structure

One thing I don’t know is how Mr. Moore went about designing his projects. Maybe he did indeed take the logical route: imagining, to scaled drawing, to model. Maybe not. I don’t know for certain. I can’t quite discipline myself to do a detailed drawing first. I like to start building as soon as I have some sort of firmed-up idea in mind. Just a personal quirk. It makes the hobby fun since I concentrate on what I like doing, but it certainly isn’t the ideal way to build. I just thought I had to point this out because the way I show projects proceeding is far from the right way, and I didn’t want to lead you astray :-)

{Window and door openings are drawn on the wall panels.}

Anyway, the next part I worked on was the sub-structure for the Barrel Works. Again, 0.040 inch styrene was used instead of balsa. I played fast-and-loose with the windows and doors since I wanted to use items I had on hand from my Tichy Train stash - they aren't what you'll find on the prototype, but they look fine on this interpretation.

{This is a test fit of the windows and doors just to make sure all is well.}

{The corner reinforcements are being glued to the walls prior to final assembly.}

{Here it is: glued together and squared-up waiting for the glue to dry.}

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