Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mr. Scott’s: Compressing

Mr. Scott’s has been sitting on my layout table in a forlorn state ever since I cut it down to size from the original Bralick Building kit. Something about it just wasn’t quite right.

After looking at it for a year or so I finally figured that it had two problems. First, it was located on the wrong side of the highway. It should be on the south side with the Moore industrial park and the other industries. The north side is developing into an urban area and it’s out-of-place there. Second, it was still too big, so I decided to make it narrower by cutting out a section.

You’re no doubt thinking this is a pretty weird way to build a building. It is. Ideally, I should have done all this thinking and fiddling before I had glued any of the walls together. Well, I must admit that I still didn’t know what this building was going to be until some assembly had started. Although this isn’t the best approach to tackling a building project, consider it a lesson in what can be done even if a project has been started. Nothing is final, so if some better idea strikes you during construction, just go ahead and make the changes.

Cutting the plastic structure is very easy. I simply marked the section I wanted to remove and used my razor saw to make the cuts. Try to cut as carefully as you can. Mine came out a little rough, but some later gluing, sanding, and puttying fixed this up so that the seams were more-or-less invisible.

{On the wrong side of the highway.}

{The tall side is marked for cutting.}

{Mark the short side too just to make sure you're cutting the correct piece.}

{Here's the short side after cutting - a little rough, but correctable.}

{And here's what the tall side looks like after cutting.}

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