Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Barrel & Marble Works: The mystery tank

A classic E.L. Moore article often included some sort of tall-tale. Maybe I’ll settle for a joke.

An acupuncturist and a porcupine walk into a bar. After a few drinks the acupuncturist leans over to the porcupine and says, “You know, the needles are supposed to go into the patient.”

I know, I won’t be giving up my day-job for stand-up comedy anytime soon.

And speaking of mysteries, at the back of the prototype there is some sort of storage tank wedged between the recyclery and the main part of the old building. I don’t know what it’s for, or what sort of structure surrounds it. It looked interesting, and I wanted to retain it, so I had to make-up something that seemed not too unreasonable.

The two candidates I had on hand for the storage tank were an old N-scale tank car and a stem holder that florists use in flower arrangements. I decided to go with the stem holder. Cutting it roughly in half and gluing a partial balsa frame around it was basically all there was to construction. I didn’t need to make a full model of this tank because most of it will be obscured by the roof that will be over it, and there won’t be any lines-of-sight that will allow a view into the building into which the tank is inserted. The tank roof itself is another guessed-at item. I didn’t have a clear view of any of the building near the tank, so I just installed a slanted roof over the tank and let it go at that.

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