Wednesday, January 9, 2019

From the Time Machine's Glovebox: Jonesing

In September 2009 I began work on E. L. Moore's Jones Chemical Co., but it wasn't finished until January 2010. Like Bunn's Feed and Seed, I had the opportunity to see E. L. Moore's original Jones Chemical Co. model. The Jones manuscript, seen in March 2015, showed some minor differences with the published article. Some of Mr. Moore's accompanying story was edited out. This follows the editing pattern seen with the Bunn's article: story reduction in favour of efficiency

Jones Chemical Co. is #2 on my list of E. L. Moore sentimental favourites. Bunn's is #1, and #3, Cal's Lumberyard, is the one I haven't yet gotten around to building. But I did make an attempt to start it in the summer of 2018. Vince and I had been talking about large-scale models, and I'd been wanting to give Michael Paul Smith's methods a try, so I got some materials together to build a 1/24 scale version of Cal's from gatorboard and stripwood. I got as far as laying out the main wall, but the project was overtaken by events and shelved. I've still got the parts, I just need the time.

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