Saturday, January 19, 2019

Blazing diecasts

I was looking through some photos for an upcoming post and found these two from 2012 when I was taking pictures of my old Hot Wheels and other diecasts. I was fooling around with photo distortion at the time and rather liked these two images. I had thought they'd get posted at retroDynamics, but I closed down that blog soon after these were taken so they weren't posted. On the left is a Hot Wheels Lotus Turbine and on the right is the Red Baron. Below are some run-of-the-mill luxury cars from our present era - I bought them thinking I'd convert them to railcars!


  1. Neat. I have tons of 1/64 diecast. I still have my old Matchboxes and HWs and I've upgraded some of them with eBay's help. The bulk of my collection is Johnny Lightning, Auto World, Greenlight and M2.... nearly all of them 60s muscle cars or cool stuff from a couple other eras. I've got a couple of the reproduction Red Baron cars. There was a good vibe about those old Redline cars. But I prefer common cars in authentic era colors.

    1. Sounds like a great collection! I took pictures of mine in 2011 and 2012. I should post the rest.

    2. ....and ALL of mine are unboxed! They were meant to be held and displayed. Mine are not for resale or collector investments, they're for ME. Now if I could just get them to move in a diorama....

    3. I hear ya. The ones I have left are survivors of some rather hard play by myself, my sister and a gang of friends. There were no such thing as prissy collectors then who keep diecasts on the shelf in original boxes - there were just racers :-) And wild ones at that !