Sunday, October 9, 2016

Thoughts on updates to the EVRR trackplan

Michael Adams enhanced and analyzed the EVRR photo to help resolve The Goofy Problem and sent me this excellent diagram of the lower level of the EVRR. The black circle is the area near Goofy, and the red line is my scrawl suggesting where the new stub might lead. His diagram does a great job at clarifying what's going on. It's hard to say where the new stub goes. It probably doesn't connect to the outer loop as shown by the red line, so I'm still thinking about why it's there. But, while I ponder I'll leave you with this video Michael pointed me to that may explain the analytical technique :-)


  1. It occurred to me after, looking at the holy grail photo a couple of times, that the "Goofy" was actually Pluto. Goofy always stood upright and no one has ever explained what Goofy was... just goofy. Pluto was clearly Mickey's dog.

    It also occurred to me that E.L.'s daughter must have been little more than a toddler when that photo was taken. The doll of Pluto and the little figure of Mickey Mouse were likely her toys. E.L., obviously a father who loved his daughter, probably set those toys on the layout in part as entertainment for her.

    Just thoughts.

    As to the revised track plan; interesting possibilities. One of the best features of Moore's layout was that he kept some of the details secret; intentionally the track plan. When I was a kid, and even now, I enjoy decoding a layout by looking at the photos - trying to cypher what was going on. Today the plans are always provided. Or so it seems. So the game or puzzle isn't so compelling.

    A great story teller - and Moore was among the best - always leaves much to the imagination. It has always been most intriguing to me that we still don't know everything about the Elizabeth Valley RR; and perhaps we will never know. But what is more human than to attempt to answer every question...?

    1. I don't know when she was born, but I think she was under 10 and from what I can tell ELM was a doting father.

      Pluto! You're right. I'm so embarrassed. I was a card-carrying, mouse-ear wearing mouseketeer when I was a wee lad :-) Clearly, my early learning has worn off.

      I agree. As soon as I stumble across another piece of the puzzle, it often points to other missing pieces. But, the search is the thing an I enjoy it.