Friday, October 21, 2016

Down Brakes!

They come down that grade and out of that tunnel like a bat out of -- well, out of a cave. That Eagleroost & Koontree locomotive is a mongrelish cross between something Welsh and something Coloradish. Largely scratch built over a Kemtron Teakettle frame, it has a couple of interchangeable pilots and stacks, has a Brill leading truck under it's rear, and the cab is pretty well detailed (Johnson bar, gauges, firebox door, oilcan, scoop and fire hook). Stock car and box are also scratch built of course, and of course that's narrow gauge country (HOn3).



    This will link you to the Tea Kettle kit in the 1955 (first edition) Kemtron Catalog page 22. If I've previously pointed to this page please forgive my redundancy