Monday, October 24, 2016

Light Ray Blues, Series 2, Instalment 16: Room service

When we last left Leslie she was getting ready for a good night's sleep at the Lord Elaine. Does that pizza have pineapples on it . . . .

There was something in Leslie that never slept no matter how tired she was. Some part of her consciousness was always on alert. Always on edge.

The room was dark except for the glowing numbers on the bedside clock and a strip of light peeking from under the door to the hallway. 

The clock’s number flipped from 1:31am to 1:32 am. 

The light strip under the door broke into several pieces.

The door knob rotated ever so slightly.

Leslie reached under her pillow for her metal companion and held it firmly in her right hand. Ready.

The door opened and two shadows moved inside. One carefully closed the door behind them.

Leslie propped herself up and leaned against the headboard.

The shadows moved from the entry, closer to the bed. Her night vision was good, but she couldn’t make out their faces. She really wanted to see who they were.

She called to them before they got too close, “Stop where you are.”


Both shadows switched on flashlights only to be greeted by the barrel of Leslie’s loyal companion. They froze. Leslie was momentarily blinded, but she kept her aim steady.

A shadow called out, “You can’t use that thing. Give it here.”

“You’re right, I might aim for your leg and hit your balls.”

One shadow waved a little box and said, “This is a fusor and one little squeeze and your insides will be sliced out and barbecued before you can yell come and get it.”

“Don’t make me laugh. That one won’t work. I know, I built it.”

“You listen to me bitch ...”

“You listen to me,” growled Leslie as she grabbed the night-stand phone’s receiver, dropped it on the bed and pushed the operator button all the while keeping steady aim on the shadows. 

“Room service. How may I help?”

“Two men have broken into my room. Call the police!”

They ran.

“Yes miss! Are you alright?”

“Yeah, they just ran into the hall.”

“Thank you. Security is on their way.”

Leslie had no intention of waiting. All her belongings were in the knapsack. She didn’t change, just put her helpful friend in the top pocket, grabbed her shoes and knapsack and ran into the hallway. She ducked into the alcove at the far end of the hall that housed the floor’s ice maker, put jeans and T-shirt on over her pajamas, laced on her shoes and ran for the nearest stairwell. 

If she met cops on the way down she’d just tell them she just was a poor, scared woman who panicked and didn’t know what the big, bad men would do to her if she stayed. They’d buy that. If she met those two shadows, all bets were off. 

Luckily she saw no one. 

She took the stairs straight down to the basement and ran to the car rental booth. She woke up the attendant and got a car. 

Five minutes later she was on her way to Sharbot Station.

Instalment 17 can be found here.

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