Monday, October 17, 2016

P. R. Wickham's model village layout

In the comments section of the E. L. Moore's Court House post I mentioned the English village layout described in P. R. Wickham's book Modelled Architecture that was published by Percival Marshall & Co. Ltd in 1948. 

Assuming a scale of 1/4 in. to 1 ft., the room required would be 7 ft. by 12 ft. 6 in., a by no means excessive space demand. The plan, based on an actual village of the familiar English "square" plan, covers the major part of the room, but with adequate viewing space at the entrance end, and sections to lift out for access purposes.

The plan is found on page 129, and as you can see it's dominated by a large church. If this layout was ever built, it must have been quite impressive. I haven't tried any of the book's construction methods, but it's filled with great line illustrations and I often thumb through its pages just to look at them.

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