Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Shades of Buffalo Bill Redux

I recently found this photo of the wild west show E. L. Moore built in his unpublished article Shades of Buffalo Bill. So far, it's the only picture of that model. This was a temporary setup and not a permanent part of his Elizabeth Valley RR.


  1. Ooh.... there's the fort from the other pics.... Cooooooool.......

    1. I was glad to see this photo as it tied up the one of the last mysteries of the Shades of... manuscript. There was another stand-alone diorama project ELM mentioned in his letters: a zoo. ELM pitched an article about it to the editor of Railroad Modeler, but it was turned down as it had no railroad content (this Shades of... photo has only token RR content). I've seen neither manuscript nor photos for the zoo, so it's another mystery to solve. Maybe if ELM had some interest in streetcars, he could have pitched the zoo as a streetcar destination complete with a streetcar stop- which would have been quite logical and prototypical - and today we'd be talking about an article in RM instead of speculating on another lost manuscript :-)