Monday, September 12, 2016

Snowplow for the Elizabeth Valley RR

[Likely some heavy, wet snow requiring two locos to push the snowplow that was featured in E. L. Moore's Central Pacific Snowplow in the January 1962 issue of Model Trains. The composition is very Currier and Ives.]

The January 1961 issue of Model Trains contained an E. L. Moore article about building a snowplow for his Eagleroost & Koontree HOn3 'layout', and the January 1962 issue presented Central Pacific Snowplow for building a different kind of snowplow for his Elizabeth Valley HO layout.
The photographer is E. L. Moore's HO-scale avatar.
Although this isn't the model's prototype, it's the only snowplow prototype photo I came across in E. L. Moore's collection. According to the note on the back, this snowplow-caboose hybrid was an item on the New York, Ontario and Western Railway. This photo was likely snapped in Cadosia, New York. WAL is the usual handle for Bill Livingston, inventor of the Dilly Manufacturing Company.


  1. In the caption of the first photo Moore comments likely 2 locos were needed to push the plow. Lol... Two. I have photos of plow trains pushing steam powered Rotaries to the tune of 6 or more locomotives - typically with the last engine facing backwards. This was because the tenders of these little tea kettles were lousy plows unto themselves and in the Colorado High Country snow can pile up pretty quick. So that last engine faced the opposite direction so that its pilot mounted butterfly could make way when the train needed to back up.