Tuesday, September 13, 2016

E. L. Moore's old-time water tank

A snapshot-sized version of the above photo accompanied E. L. Moore's An old-time water tank in the Spring 1959 issue of Model Trains. The above picture was scanned from an 8x10 original and it gives a much better impression of the model and its setting than the magazine's reproduction.
Mr. Moore used the water tank as a background prop in this photo of the Grizzly Flats station that appeared in his March 1962 Model Trains article, Grizzly Flats. This image was also scanned from a 8x10 original. Mr. Moore's avatar, the cloaked photographer, appears on the track taking a picture of the scene.
[Cover of the inaugural edition of Elementum magazine.]

About the time I was scanning the E. L. Moore photos, I came across this interesting post called One Image And A 1000 (or fewer) Words by Mike Cougill, and this short post called Elementum by Warren Ellis. They got me thinking that it would be interesting to have a journal that focused only on model railroad photography and writing. Not how-to, layout tours, kit reviews or such things, but evocative or dramatic photos, old or new, along with stories and essays, done in a format that was nowhere near similar to a Power Point slide deck or tabloid news magazine. It wouldn't make a profit, that's what makes it only a dream.

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