Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rowland Emett inspired cabins

In the comments to the Water wheel mill post it was pointed out that the little cabin that appears in the background near the mountain's peak might be an E. L. Moore model that we haven't seen before. I thought it might be the little cabin that appears in E. L. Moore's Rowland Emett diorama, so I decided to enlarge both cabins and check. The image above is the cabin from the Water wheel mill photo....
... and this one is from the diorama. They're very similar. Are they one and the same, or two models of the same 'prototype'? They're photographed from slightly different angles, so it's a little hard to match reference points. Mr. Moore was known to build several examples of a particular model, so they might be two different builds.

I can't say conclusively if they're the same model, but they are very similar.

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