Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Index to E. L. Moore's Photographs

Over the summer I was in contact with a collector who owns a number of photographs taken by E. L. Moore. He has generously allowed me to organize, scan and post them. This post will be an ongoing index of those pictures. 

That box contained about 150 black-and-white photos. There were a variety of sizes ranging from snapshot, up through 5x7 and 8x10. Nothing in colour. Mr. Moore was a professional photographer who did his own processing and printing, but had limited financial means, so I suspect colour photography was not a possibility even though he likely had the skill to make colour images. There were a lot of duplicates, and although I scanned everything, I won't be pedantic and post all the copies. 

All the photos were in good physical condition for artifacts that ranged from 35 to 60 years old. There was some curling, fading and yellowing, but nothing that wasn't easy to correct in a scan. All the posts will be of 'corrected' scans as I think it's important to show the images as close as possible to how they may have looked when they were first created. I'm told there are some other photographs that are in poor physical condition, and I plan to see what can be done to restore them once I've had a look. 

Without further ado, here's the list. Stay tuned for updates.

Spumoni Club Coach

Un-Nixing Emett's Caricature Castle

Water Wheel Mill

Earthquake Producer

Rowland Emett Inspired Cabins

Snowplow for the Eagleroost & Koontree RR

Snowplow for the Elizabeth Valley RR

Old time water tank

Waldo Hoople's Vehicle

Cabeese for the Eagleroost & Koontree RR

A goat at Goat Pass

Bunn's, Jones, & Cal's: Three sentimental favourites

The Spumoni Family's Rural Idyll

Keeping time with The Ceresota Method

Prospect & Upper Ridge Railroad, PURR...

"Pump faster!"

Burning, Man

E. L. Moore builds a Craftsman house

Restoring E. L. Moore's photos

Night on the Elizabeth Valley RR

The Holy Grail of E. L. Moore photos has a Goofy problem

Stuckem Glue Works

Shades of Buffalo Bill Redux

Canal Boats by E. L. Moore

Flattened E. L. Moore photos

E. L. Moore's Court House

Down Brakes!

Wales meets Colorado on the Eagleroost & Koontree

The other grail of E. L. Moore photos?

Rowland Emett nicknacks on the Elizabeth Valley RR

E. L. Moore's General

In the mountains surrounding the Elizabeth Valley RR

Downtown Elizabethton

E. L. Moore on constructing the Enskale Hoentee

Pud has Putty Knives

E. L. Moore's Blue Lake depot?

The Adventures of E. L. Moore, Train Photographer

Counting sheep ... and pigs and goats

Stumped by the Eagleroost & Koontree RR

Hold-up at the RMC Paper Company

Casting Call

Clearing spring snow along the EVRR

Search for 0-6-0 finds ?-4-0

The Adventures of Baby Spumoni

Arnie's 361

Today's E. L. Moore's birthday

Bill Rau's father's stone cutting plant?

Inside E. L. Moore's Branch Line Station

Rootin' and Ticketin'

A tunnel portal by E. L. Moore

[last updated 8 April 2018]

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