Thursday, September 1, 2016

E. L. Moore's Spumoni Club Coach Photos

Earlier this year I tried my hand at building E. L. Moore's Spumoni Club Coach; one of his unpublished articles. I only had the manuscript and a photo of the finished model to figure out how it went together. Two construction photos and the plans were missing. Well, the plans are still missing, but the construction photos have been found.
This first one is of the kit pieces prior to final assembly. I'm glad to see that mine isn't too far off his. One difference though is I left off the belt-line trim until I had glued up the sides into a box. I was worried that I wouldn't get them lined up properly if they were pre-installed. 

Take a look at this note that was taped to the back of the photo,
I didn't cement on any inside strips and didn't encounter issues with the side walls splitting - this was probably just luck on my part given the material I was using.
Here's the interior shot. I wish I had this photo when I was building mine. Look at that card game! You can more-or-less read the cards and the hands in play; notice there's a stray one on the floor. And there's a handy jug nearby to keep everyone honest :-)
Lucky for them "with the door locked ther's not a chance of Ma breaking up the game".

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