Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blogger problems

Breaking news: Looks like all my lists of links - the link list gadgets - have disappeared, including my list for the E. L. Moore in the 21st Century series. Hopefully I'll have things back to normal soon, and the good people at Blogger can tell me what they did last night that caused this problem.

Afternoon update: I recreated the link list gadget for the E. L. Moore in the 21st Century series. It appears to work ok, but we'll see if it mysteriously disappears overnight as it did last night. If it survives tonight, I'll add back the other missing link lists. This incident has all the hallmarks of a maintenance update to Blogger gone astray, although I have no definitive proof. No one at Blogger has responded to my questions - I doubt anyone will, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that all will be well.

30 September update: The blog seemed to have survived the night ok and there were no surprises awaiting me this morning. I've started to add back the blog list on the right column and the two other blog and link lists should soon follow. Still no feedback - I'd be surprised to get any - from the Blogger crew on what might have happened.


  1. Your list of other notable blogs is also missing, at least on my screen.
    Good luck with the blog people.

    1. Thanks for the observation. I'll need to recreate that one too.