Thursday, February 27, 2020

A beautiful day for test fitting track

This was the scene outside today. Prediction: 20 to 40 cm of snow by the time it's all done, which should be later this evening.

Other than snow removal, test fitting track on the ocean loop module seemed like a good task to take on.

The track is all Atlas code 100 snap track. The loop has a 15" radius. Too tight for a typical locomotive, but plenty spacious for a typical streetcar, especially when you consider the Mortimer loop in the city has a 7" radius. The spur is a beach-side passenger drop.

The only somewhat tricky part was building this double crossing made out of 2 Atlas 90 degree crossings. There's going to be a road that separates the beach from the city, and down the centre will be a dedicated light rail track. Right now it'll be just for show to hint that there's interurban track in this world. 

And a couple of supports were glued to the foam to allow the module to rest firmly on the layout frame. They were cut from some old paint stir sticks.

Once I've stared at this set up for awhile and feel comfortable with it I'll add power leads and glue it down. It should then be ready for a test run!


  1. I always find this phase of construction exciting. The definition of the space begins...

    1. I agree. I've done a few test runs and should have a video to post. Once I cleared off the tools and the accumulated junk from the layout, added a few buildings, things started to pop a little and I could start to see the layout start to form. Lots of fun activity ahead.