Friday, March 20, 2020

Hanging a beach on the wall

I disconnected the Ocean Park module from the layout and hung it up on a basement wall to store it away for awhile as my inaugural run party plans have changed, what with the end of the world going on and all :-)

Last Christmas I didn't have the layout ready for running, or even gawking at, so I decided that I'd have it running, and the workshop more-or-less presentable, by the end of February. That part went ok. The next part was to have the layout ready for an 'inaugural run' party by the end of March, which would be the kick-off to many leisurely months preparing for a Christmas streetcar blowout :-)

We're holed up here doing our part to help stop the spread, which meant cancelling the end of month get together. Not a loss of any consequence considering all that's going on. Anyway, the Ocean Park module was designed to hang on a wall since I don't have enough room to leave the layout assembled all the time. It might be a little trickier to store it this way once it's scenicked, but any buildings will be removable, and the scenes will be low-slung fields and beaches, so not much will stick out. 

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