Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Missed his car

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The first highrise is done! Hmmmm, well, I see a number of places that need some touchup to plug light leaks, but overall I'm happy with it. It's got the right feeling. I learned a lot about about what not to do as well as what to do on the next one.

The sign is glued together from 3mm styrene letters and a strip of 0.020" x 0.040" styrene for the base. I arranged the letters and strip on the sticky band of a post-it note. When everything was positioned, some liquid styrene bonder was carefully dabbed on. I should have used a steel ruler as the square edge, but luckily I didn't slop any bonder on the plastic ruler.

The revolving door is made from 2 pieces of clear plastic cut so that one slides inside the other at the centre.

The frame was drawn on with a black Sharpie pen. Four styrene strips were glued to the centre to stiffen the structure.

The unit is glued in place in the main entry. I had plans to make it turn, but couldn't pull that off. I'll give it a try again on the next highrise.

No no he's not dead, he's, he's restin' - Restin' while the glue dries on the sign over the revolving door
The structure over the main entry is built up from styrene and foam. The doors to either side of the revolving door are cut from 0.020" sheet styrene. I'm planning on getting a sheet cutter for my computer sometime this year, so pieces like those door frames should be easier to cut - and be more accurate - with the machine.
And there it is in all its early-70s glory. It's interesting how once the street-level doors and sign are added they force a scale onto this thing that's basically just a big box. 
The back wall is panelled with brick sheets and some details - phoney, non-prototypical details - were added just to make the wall less monotonous. To me the front and side walls, as well as the lobby, are what this building is about, so I wasn't too concerned with the back wall. Although, the back wall still slides out for eventual detailing of some floors, and to allow photos of the street to be taken from inside.