Sunday, October 13, 2019

Perry Mason has a parking problem at Angels Flight

At the beginning of The Case of the Twice Told-Twist, Perry decides to take the Angels Flight funicular to visit a client and have him sign some papers before an evening at the theatre with Della.

Perry and Della pull into the parking lot at the top of Angels Flight.

This episode's in colour, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the cool blue of Perry's car.

Perry and Della leave the car and head off to the station.

This episode aired on 27 February 1966, so I'm assuming that's how the station looked in '65 / '66.

And, they're off. The car's empty except for Perry and Della. Perry says the task will take less than 10 minutes, so they shouldn't miss the opening curtain.

And in less than 10 minutes, with business completed, they're almost back to the station.


Even the rag top is gone.

Thieves must have had more courtesy back then because when a friend's car had its snow tires and wheels taken off, the theives just left the car dropped, wheelless, on the snowy parking lot. At least these ones left Perry's car up on blocks.

This might not have been a good advertisement for the funicular given Perry Mason's popularity, but it was interesting to see what the funicular looked like at the time. Apparently this was the only episode of Perry Mason's original series filmed in colour. It was good to see the cast and familiar places in something other than glorious black-and-white, but the story seemed like it took its cues from a beach movie with Frankie and Annette.

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