Monday, October 28, 2019

Add action to your railroad layout....

The great workshop cleanup continues, and in the process I'm carefully examining any Tyco boxes I still have around in the hopes of finding more clues about E. L. Moore based kits.

The lower box (which contained a 62' Pepsi boxcar bought at North York Hobbies for $3.98) dates from 1976, and the upper one (which contained a Tyco 50th anniversary 50' plug door boxcar bought at George's Trains, also for $3.98) is probably the same vintage. Nothing E. L. Moore related on these boxes, but that Factory kit, product number 940, looks interesting.

One more thing about Tyco, Vince sent me this amazing link, Faces at the Tyco Factory in 1976 Hong Kong. I've scoured every image looking for anything E. L. Moore related, but no dice.

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