Sunday, October 20, 2019

First attempt at a sign for A&A's

It was surprisingly difficult to find what I thought might be suitable colours for A&A's main sign. I finally settled on some Tamyia red and orange in spray cans.

I sprayed the backs of the sign pieces with appropriate colours, but the application turned out a bit mottled - even after some test pieces suggested the paint would go on clean and smooth. Clearly, I didn't properly clean the surfaces.

Also, there was some overspray on the front surface - which I wanted to remain paint-free and glossy - where I didn't fully seal the masking tape. 

Basically, I need to cut 2 new pieces and try again.


  1. Looks great James. Did you already do a Sam the Record Man structure?

    1. No, but that one is on my list :-) I thought I'd build A&As first because I imagined it would be easier, although it has its challenges. Vince helped me figure out how to get the paint/masking tape mess from the front surface of the letters: a careful wet sanding with some 800 paper (1200 didn't do the job). Once they're polished and coated with some clear, I think they'll be ok.