Friday, April 28, 2017

Rootin' and ticketin'

[A delivery to Cal's Cabbage Co. Photo by E. L. Moore]
This will be the last post for awhile as I’m thinking of retiring from blogging. Things seem to be pointing in the direction of placing the blog on the shelf: there are more demands on my time these days; as well, there are some other projects I’d like to pursue, and I think I’ve come to the end of things I want to post about. I can see the weeks and months ahead merely consisting of status updates and I’m not overly interested in that. I’ve taken blogging breaks before, but always with a plan to return, so Debra suggested I just set things aside for awhile and see how I feel in a few weeks. Sounds like a good idea. The blog will remain up-and-running, and I’m still around for comments or email. Of course, if there any new and interesting developments, I’ll be back.
[Buying tickets at the Grizzly Flats Depot. Photo by E. L. Moore]


  1. Sometimes it's best to take a break. Enjoy the time off.

  2. Building interior walls is complicated! And he somehow kept his from looking too thick.

    Do what you gotta do; take that break. This should not become drudgery. But I'm hoping nothing gets taken down. There's still posts I didn't thoroughly read. And nowhere else can you find such a dedicated E. L. Moore discussion and resources.

    1. I think he used 1/32 or 1/16 inch balsa for some interior walls. This blog and all its pages will remain up - I won't be removing anything.

  3. thank you for all your research and effort putting together this great reference. I think you have filled an empty corner in the Hobby by publishing all of this information in one spot. Rest easy!