Saturday, April 15, 2017

Green coaches

I took apart the EVRR coaches and gave them a shot of light green paint. Disassembly was a mixed bag. The chassis and trucks popped off with some careful prying, but it turned out there was an inner floor that was glued to the side walls and held a clear plastic window box in place. That took a great deal of careful sawing and slicing and filing to get out. After removal, the coaches were then washed with warm water and dish soap. Tamiya white fine surface primer was used as a base coat, and then a few light coats of Tamiya AS-23 Light Green (Luftwaffe) was sprayed on. I don't know what colours E. L. Moore used on his coaches, but since green was his favourite, that seemed like a good choice.


  1. The ones I use on my EVRR are Bachmann, spliced shorter and painted green. I copied white dry transfer "ELIZABETH VALLEY RR" onto black posterboard, copied it at a reduced sized, sliced into strips, blackened the edges, then glued to the upper sides of the coaches above the windows. This was in the 1990s, so no use of a computer was available.

    1. These 3 coaches don't have a manufacturer name on them. They didn't come in boxes, I picked them out of some cars the vendor had in a bin. He was selling some gentleman's estate. I'm planning to print some decals for the lettering, but I haven't created decals that small, so it'll be an interesting experiment.