Saturday, April 8, 2017

EVRR yoga master

[That's the new full-size EVRR tack plan on the left, in the centre is my old attempt to layout my first cut at an EVRR trackplan on a 2' x3' panel, and on the right is the track plan it's based on.]

I spent sometime making a full-size sketch of the new EVRR track plan. I took the tracing and scanned and enlarged it to 2' x 3' with my Mac, but when it came time to print, I didn't have software on my ancient machine that would print a multi-page poster. Adobe Reader came to the rescue. After downloading an old version it easily printed out sheets that could be taped together to make a full-size plan.
The yoga part came when I cut-and-taped it together on the floor. Maybe model railroading and yoga is an unexplored thing :-)
A number of curves are going to need to be circularized a bit when it comes time to lay track - especially that upper right corner that goes through the mountain. It's going to be a little tricky to revise my initial attempt to draw the plan on the panel. I might need to spray the panel with white acrylic and fill in some of the old lake with cork so I have a fairly good surface to work with.

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